Joan Jett

Joan Jett, image via Wikipedia

12:16 PM– Me: Hey. Who’s the queen of rock and roll?

9:54 PM– Bob: L’il Richard…Good golly Miss Molly

11:05 PM– Me: I was asking you. And I meant woman. Chrissy Hynd or Pat Benatar. Like that.

11:08 PM– Bob: I’m trying to think of a Ozzie Osborn or Mick Jagger with boobies.

11:14 PM– Me: Stevie Nicks?

11:19 PM– Bob: All right lets see if she covers the basics. Long standing in the rock community? Yes as part of a gruop and then solo efforts.

11:19 PM– Bob: Did she have sex appeal? Yup loads of posters in dorm rooms.

11:22 PM– Bob: A biggie…DRUG ADDICTION…yup in spades. Claimed to be a witch…another feather in her cap. Experimented sexually with the same sex and in gruops…Yep…another plus…see David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

11:25 PM– Bob: So Stevie has potential ….but…just isn’t “the” queen…more of top 10 or maybe 5. She doesn”t have the Janice Joplin (Bruce Springstien) type leave it all on stage kinda attitude.
She can’t rip up licks on a guitar like Lita or Joan or the blond gal from heart.

11:27 PM– Me: So? Who?

11:44 PM– Bob: Joan Jett leader of the Blackhearts is the Queen of rock and roll. Her effort opened the doors for women to be looked upon as rockers on their own right and not having to be part of a band. Part of something that takes away from a women defining her music , her vision , her voice with respect to expectations created by their male counter parts and what the music industry says a women rocker has to be.

11:46 PM– Me: Was that so hard??

11:53 PM– Bob: What? We’re done? You don’t have a better example of queeness? You little tart. I didn”t get a chance to demonstrate Lita Ford’s claim to princess of rock and roll. Is it past your bedtime?

* Originally at Who’s the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll? | Site unseen


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