Yin, Then the Yang

English: New York Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

English: New York Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I was a reporter, with a notebook (“Ho’d on, baby; let me get mah notebook!”), this is what I would dump out of it:

  • On the same day that the New York mayor Michael R. Bloomberg proposed taking away one freedom, through a ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces, he signed a bill that provided another, allowing drivers to sell the remaining time on curbside parking receipts to other drivers.
  • To hear some people tell it, Spain’s “banks and government are intertwined in a financial tailspin.” Others say, No, they’re not. Here, though, is why Spanish problems trump Greek ones, whether they are solvable or not. Spain’s G.D.P. is five times bigger than Greece’s, roughly speaking; that is a difference comparable to how much bigger China’s economy is than Spain’s.
  • Outlets of the restaurant chain Just Salad in New York City also serve wraps and soup.


As a boy, Peter the Great of Russia had as playmates a staff of specially-trained dwarfs. (Trust me, it’s true.)


‘Spain, Take This Chalice from Me and Other Poems’

Spain, Take This Chalice from Me and Other PoemsSpain, Take This Chalice from Me and Other Poems by César Vallejo

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Recommended, if you like this sort of thing. (Who cares if he’s a commie?)

Do not ask me why I like these Latin American writers. But I do, Borges and Neruda and many others. Vallejo is the most interesting so far, brooding and weird:

I will die in Paris with the heavy rains on a day already I recall. I will die in Paris — and I don’t turn away — perhaps a Thursday, like today, in fall.

And he did, you know. Not on a Thursday (it was Friday), and not in the fall. But it was in Paris and it was raining, so they say.

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So, They Interviewed This Guy

SPIEGEL: And then you made a mistake?

Padilla: No, it was just bad luck. I had already placed four banderillas. The colorfully decorated sticks have barbed hooks, and they were stuck in the bulls left shoulder. I wanted to place the third pair of banderillas, this time in the right shoulder, but the bull cut me off. I was on the verge of aborting, but my pride tempted me to try it anyway.

SPIEGEL: So you did make a mistake.

Padilla: No, I didnt. When I had placed the third pair of banderillas and backed off, the bull knocked me over. I fell, and he rammed his horn into my head, below the left ear. The horn came out again through the eye socket.

via Spanish Matador Juan José Padilla: Injuries Are My Medals – Now Ive Won the Gold – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International.

Dig Deeper

Among developed nations, incomes per person grew no faster in countries like the United States and Britain that slashed their top tax rates than in countries like Spain, Germany or Denmark, which did not.

via The Case for Raising Top Tax Rates – NYTimes.com.