Being a spider can be a bummer.


“Once that button is pushed, it’s lights out.”

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There’s an especially bitter irony in Sade’s image as a cheap pornographer: he was not in any recognizable sense creating pornography at all

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Not Really a Double Standard at All

And so the accusation of ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ or ‘prostitute’ is less about how much sex women are supposedly having and how we judge it differently to men, and more to do with how much we demonise women’s enjoyment of sex in general.

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Science Fact Stranger Than Fiction

”]Cover of "Gattaca [Blu-ray]"

Today, he still hopes for a full public debate, worried that screening out genetic defects will create a cold, intolerant world like the one portrayed in Gattaca: “This is scary to me because I’m one who doesnt believe in social engineering. If we strive for perfection, we are going to blame people with disabilities. We’re not going to accommodate them, or support them with tax dollars.”

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What’s more, although scientific evidence shows that human sexuality is significantly affected by biological predispositions — such as genes and hormones — other influences appear to be cultural, including social expectations, peer pressure and the availability and opportunity for sexual release. These influences channel erotic impulses in certain directions and not others. An individual’s sexual orientation is thus influenced culturally, as well as biologically. As culture changes, perhaps manifestations of sexuality can also change?

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But I doubt very much if within 10-15 years given continued investment and innovation and keeping the AMA from quashing such efforts politically I won’t be able to ask Siri’s great great grandchild Version 9.0? for an opinion far more accurate than the one I get today from the average physician. Instead of asking Siri 9.0, “I feel like sushi” or “where can I dispose a body” try it…it’s fairly accurate! and with your iPhone X or Android Y with all the power of IBM’s current Watson computer in the mobile phone and an even more powerful “Nvidia times 10-100” server which will cost far less than med school with terabytes or petabytes of data on hundreds of millions billions? of patients, including their complete genomics and proteomics each sample costing about the same as a typical blood test.

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Biologists who believe in the intrinsic genetic clock say we should be grateful for those three billion heartbeats. After that, the best service we can do for our grandchildren is to get out of their way. Other experts disagree. They think the “clock” is a mere coincidence, having to do with steadily accumulating errors in our cells. In particular, they point to telemeres — little chemical caps protecting the ends of our chromosomes — which wear away with time until the sheltering layer vanishes and grave erosion starts affecting the vulnerable DNA strands, instead. This gradual chemical deterioration simulates a destiny clock, though some researchers hope it might be halted, if we learn the right medical and biochemical tricks.

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