Nothing is ever really lost.


For eight years, Eliel Santos has been using dental floss and mousetrap glue to reel in gold, jewelry, electronics and cash trapped beneath city sidewalk grates. “If you drop it, I’m going to pick it up — so be careful,” …

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The Smartest Thing You Will Read Today

How isn’t this a men’s issue and a women’s issue—or a men and women, together, issue? Without access to affordable, reliable, convenient birth control, heterosexual men’s and women’s sex lives are effectively rolled back to the pre-Griswald 1930s.

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N.S.F.W.? Not Safe for Life (N.S.F.L.)

In 1877, a medical study of syphilis prevention described condoms as “the least bad system, and so much the better if a condom is more likely to inspire disgust than provoke desire. The number of couplings, and consequently of cases of [infection], will thereby be reduced.” In other words, if condoms suck badly enough, maybe people will get so turned off that they wont have sex anymore.

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about 1.7 percent of gonorrhea is now resistant to cephalosporins, the last line of defense against gonorrhea. That might not seem like much, but its a 17-fold increase since 2006

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Pick on Someone Your Own Size

“Think about this reality: Catholics and others by their faith believe that the use of contraception is morally unacceptable. Nevertheless, under federal regulations, they will now be forced to pay for birth control pills, Plan B Emergency Contraception, and other basic contraceptive items…If Jews and Muslims were forced by HHS, for dietary reasons, to serve pork in their cafeterias, would that law stand very long?”

It sure is revealing that this is the best some people can do. Call it whatever you like, a public interest or the social good or whatever, but if you can’t distinguish between the value of a condom and the value of a ham sandwich, you’ve got no business talking politics.

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Agreed, and heartily so. But, tangentially, why are the Others in this country always Jews and Muslims? The subject matter here (in the top excerpt) had a religious facet, of course, so blacks and Latinos were safe, but why leave out Buddhists and Hindus? Surely there is something they find as superficially abhorrent as a ham sandwich.

I don’t understand the choice of Jews and the Muslims. They make up such a small part of the population — maybe there are 3 million synagogue-attending Jews in the United States, and half as many muslims who visit a mosque. That is not quite 2 percent of the red, white and blue total. Though, I confess, those seem like serious low-ball figures from my park bench in Brooklyn.

In any event, isn’t there a more threatening class of our fellow citizens to regularly demonize? Why so much angst about people most Americans rarely encounter?

Worth mentioning is that 95 percent of Americans label themselves as either Christian or, variously, unaffiliated.* Probably, we should be keeping our noses out of the Jewish and Muslim cafeterias (they have their own cafeterias?!) and mind our own business.

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Senior Catholic officials said that students at Catholic universities should know what to expect, and that those who disagree with the policies can choose to go elsewhere. “No one would go to a Jewish barbecue and expect pork chops to be served,” Mr. Galligan-Stierle said.

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* Atheists, agnostics, nonbelievers, unbelievers and the thoroughly confused.

The Right Not to Be Secondguessed

When pro-choice feminists like Wolf, or liberal men, or a lot of women, even, say things like, “I’m pro-choice, but I am uncomfortable with… [third-trimester abortion / sex-selection / women who have multiple abortions / women who have abortions for “convenience” / etc.]” then what you are saying is that your discomfort matters more than an individual woman’s ability to assess her own circumstances. That you don’t think that women who have abortions think through the very questions that you, sitting there in your easy chair, can come up with. That a woman who is contemplating an invasive, expensive, and uncomfortable medical procedure doesn’t think it through first. In short, that your judgment is better than hers.

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  •  The global abortion rate was stable between 2003 and 2008, with rates of 29 and 28 abortions per 1000 women aged 15—44 years, respectively, following a period of decline from 35 abortions per 1000 women in 1995.
  • Worldwide, 49% of abortions were unsafe in 2008, compared to 44% in 1995.
  • About one in five pregnancies ended in abortion in 2008.
  • The abortion rate was lower in subregions where more women live under liberal abortion laws.

via Induced abortion: incidence and trends worldwide from 1995 to 2008 : The Lancet.