The Victim Complex of Public Speakers

We’ve got to provide an opportunity for them, instead of standing here unemployed yelling at somebody, to go out and get a job and work for a living!”

via Rick Santorum Squares Off with Occupy Movement – ABC News.

Why do politicians always assume hecklers are out of work? The hecklers, after all, are doing the same thing everyone else in the audience of a speech is doing; the only difference is that hecklers are also being clever/annoying/sophomoric/messy with glitter.

Santorum told the crowd that he respected hecklers’ “opportunity to be able to have a different point of view.” His supporters were not as generous, and they responded with chants of “Get a job!” Seconds later, Santorum displayed a politician’s gift for rhetorical nimbleness: “I understand their frustration, for three years they haven’t been able to find work.”