Second verse, same as the first.


See, we’re going to start this all over again.

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Dear Wonks, Please stop making me wish I was Swedish.


…it’s an unfortunate delay of an important but relatively small piece of the bill, more growing pains of the type I’m sure Medicare had…

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We can only hope that repeal of this one part of the law is what the Obama Administration actually has in mind…

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Some economists are drunks.


Youre looking at a dysfunctional political economy dominated by rent-seeking in which “in the know” customers hope that other customers dont find out about high-quality options.

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Smart on crime?


…dozens of political leaders with rock-solid conservative credentials have begun to take a new line on crime and, particularly, the issue of reintegrating ex-offenders into society. This loose movement represents a sea change in conservative thinking and, arguably, the largest social reform effort to emerge from the right in several decades.

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The Sunday Obituary

Instead he faked an epileptic fit and, when the guard opened the door to his cell, hit him over the head with a table leg before breaking his neck. “Thank Goodness for that pitilessly efficient training,” he noted. After putting on the German’s uniform, La Rochefoucauld walked into the guardroom and shot the two other German jailers. He then simply walked out of the fort, through the deserted town, and to the address of an underground contact.

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The China Syndrome

Ambivalence about the source of legitimate government is not only a major obstacle to democratization, but is also a potential source of political instability.

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On Civilization

…Now they were mimicking his own sadistic ritual. Every day, Najjar greeted the prisoners with the words What do you want? forcing them to beg for the pipe — known in the prison by its industrial term, PPR — or be beaten twice as badly. The militia commander now standing behind him, Jalal Ragai, had been one of his favorite victims.“What do you want?” Jalal said for the last time. He held the very same pipe that had so often been used on him. “PPR!” Najjar howled, and his former victim brought the rod down on his back.

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Thanks for Writing This

“Thats on some bullshit. You want caramelized onions? Stir for 45 minutes”

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Life Imitates Politics Imitating Baboons

The Democrats changed their mind in order to secure a bipartisan compromise on health-care reform. Republicans changed their mind in order to prevent one.

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The War on Big Cities

“Think about it, look at the map of the United States — blue being the Democrats, red being the Republicans — it’s almost all red,” Mr. Santorum said Saturday evening. “Except around the big cities. And yet when you look at the economic plan that Republicans put forward, it’s all about tax breaks for higher-income individuals who live in those blue areas mostly.”

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