Last Week’s News: [Expletives Not Deleted]

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In the spirit of Internet immediacy, here is a review of what I was reading online last week.

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On the End of Football

If Seau committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest, it is similar to the way former Chicago Bears great Dave Duerson ended his life. …so that his brain could be examined for symptoms of CTE chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a trauma-induced disease common to NFL players and others who have received repeated blows to the head.

via NFL legend Junior Seau found dead at his California home | Shutdown Corner – Yahoo! Sports.

On the Long, Slow Decline of the N.F.L.

Easterling joins a growing number of former NFL players who have killed themselves in recent years, including former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson and former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Terry Long.

via Former safety Ray Easterling death ruled a suicide – NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Stop Wasting Time!

Despite being a copycat league, most NFL teams don’t do it while the best teams and the best quarterbacks — Tom Brady and Peyton Manning — kill people with it every week.

via The Future of the NFL: More Up-tempo No-huddle | Smart Football.

On the End for the N.F.L.

There are now over 850 former players­­–roughly 854–involved, a small fraction of the thousands of former and retired players that could potentially join the lawsuits.

via NFL Concussion Lawsuit Tracker: #39 | NFL Concussion Litigation.

‘Prepare Thee Stuff for Removing’

The deal is pending N.F.L. approval, and shortly after it was announced by the Jets there came word, first reported by ESPN, that the teams were disagreeing over money, jeopardizing the trade.

via Jets Move to Acquire Tebow in Trade With Broncos –

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> What are the Jets doing? Tebow? This should be interesting.
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From: John
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They are apparently haggling, still, so not a done deal. Interesting
is not the word for it.

The obvious thing to say is, What are the Jets thinking? But more to
the point, What is Tim Tebow thinking? Are we supposed to believe he
wants to be considered a serious football player? Because he seems to
be pushing for a demotion, and a larger stage to proselytize. I write
that assuming the Broncos are cutting him a break and letting him have
some say over where he plays.

For the life of me, I cannot fathom these people. Why Tebow isn’t
high-tailing it to a place like Jacksonville, an hour and a half from
Gainesville, is beyond me. Gators fans would swamp the Jaguars
otherwise-empty stadium, and there are probably enough evangelicals in
Florida to give that team a waiting list for tickets. Do you know who
the Jaguars have at quarterback? No. 1 is Blaine Gabbert,
couch-burning border trash from the high St. Louis suburbs, or as we
say in Nebraska, Nobody.

I was joking last night that I love this move for the Jets, over all.
It is a supreme moneymaker, especially if you buy a fleet of buses and
include Sunday morning at a Harlem church with every season-ticket
license. You could stamp bible verses on Nerf footballs (so fans have
something to throw at Sanchez after interceptions), and no one
self-flagellates better than Jets fans so the Opus Dei will fit right

The Clock Is Ticking on Football as We Know It

So what does it say about the NFL — and what does it say about us as football fans — that this would happen in pro football and there would be a vague, “Eh, everybody does it, everybody’s trying to hurt everybody in football anyway” reaction from so many?

via Joe Blogs: Bounty Hunters.

See also:

Theres a lot less money in the sport, and at first its “the next hockey” and then its “the next rugby,” and finally the franchises start to shutter.

via Couldn’t This Have Happened BEFORE Nebraska Hired Bill Callahan? | Patos Papa.