Sing in me, o muse; no, really… sing.


To add one’s own puny mortal voice to the generation-spanning chorus that has told and retold these stories is to join the longest transmission bloodline in Western literature.

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The Sunday Obituary No. 5


Indeed, the game was widely seen to be tilting in Mr. Byrne’s favor, and its grandmaster analysts had just suggested that Fischer resign, when Mr. Byrne discovered that Fischer had engineered a brilliantly disguised trap for him and that he had fallen into it. When Mr. Byrne, instead of Fischer, resigned, spectators were shocked. “Fischer’s conclusion was so neat and so profound” that the analysts, great players themselves, failed to see it, said the chess teacher and writer Bruce Pandolfini, who was at the match. “Byrne, to his credit, recognized it. So one of his great losses is part of chess history.”

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Dinner. Dinner is the “oh-f” moment of the day. Unless you have an assistant who has expertly troubleshot your social life, or you are an out-of-towner who has diligently reserved the most ecstatically reviewed spots a year in advance, or you have an in, youre totally screwed for any day-of plan.

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Some look-up patterns suggest what people are doing at the time. For instance, traffic to the mobile Merriam-Webster site “increases substantially after work hours,” with the word “qi” among the most-looked-up words on the mobile site, Mr. Sokolowski says. “A reasonable conclusion is that people use their smartphones to look up words more often when they are away from work and that they play Scrabble or Words With Friends when not at the office during the day.”

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1 in 175,223,510

[9:17 PM] Me: Jesus. You do a lot of the stupid, don’t you?

[10:48 PM] Bob: …can’t tell you….

[10:48 PM] Me: Poor kid

[10:49 PM] Bob: …but if you win the lottery….

[10:49 PM] Me: -If- I play the lottery, you mean

[11:05 PM] Bob: …no …no…don’t tell me that…just say yes…yes…..I have to work with stupid….my god …I had to listen to [stuff deleted] and I was able to keep from laughing…..pretty good poker face…..

[11:06 PM] Bob: so don’t tell me you don’t play…come back with some crap about matching a powerball or …only missing by two digits….and add something about statistics…and probability….how if the moon is in the first quarter and your turd pointed katt-i-wumpus….and were sure to be in the money soon….not reality….

[11:16 PM] Me: I don’t play. And it’s wrong to lie, to such a good soul as you. So. You’ll just have to suffer and realize that you’ll never be able to retire early.

[11:18 PM] Me: :-)

[11:20 PM] Bob: ….really…I get to work for colosul butt heads and you send me a :-)….awesome….Happy Brothers Day….to me…

[7:02 AM] Me: And Happy Brothers Day to me!

Cross Words and a Crossword

[9:00 AM] Bob: Alan of “Shane”….what was the actors last name….

[9:03 AM] Bob: ….Tough wood…three letters…

English: Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (1843...

English: Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (1843–1907) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[9:13 AM] Bob: …Edvard Grieg, for one….

[9:24 AM] Bob: …what the heck is a …septet…a sailor’s septet…..

[9:32 AM] Me: W. T. F.???

[9:55 AM] Bob: …just looking for some help with cross word…geez who pee’d in your cheerio’s…

[9:57 AM] Me: You should read what the sociologists say about emotions and written communication. Then, try solving the [expletive deleted] thing on your own. I can’t help with your fumble-fingered clues, can’t tell what’s misspelled.

[10:00 AM] Me: Ladd, oak, composer, and sailors septet is seas. Idiot.

[10:01 AM] Bob: …see was that so tough….

[10:02 AM] Me: Sorry. I guess I was discombobulated by consecutive error-free texts from you.

Beer Pong for Lazy People

As a reminder this beer is not just for drinking, a 30 can “Rack Pack” comes with two free balls. For those who can’t be bothered to walk down the dry goods aisle, “The Reload” comes with everything you need… 16 oz. cups and four balls in one easy to grab package.

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