‘…a Routine Clearing of the Baffles’

…and scene.

I noticed today, when The Times has a long article about the apparently contentious dispute over how genetically modified foods are labeled, that the famously G.M.-food-averse Ben and Jerry’sis selling a lock that fits over the lid of its pints. Thus making stashes of delicious, mostly natural ice cream safe from covetous, impulse-indulging roommates. And, unfortunately, exposing such rascals to the Franken-horrors of whatever else is in the freezer.

The Times article argues that the folderol has arisen, in part, because Americans are asking “more pointed questions about what they are eating.” That strains credibility, if you ask me. Perhaps some are, I suppose, but as the Ben and Jerry’s “udder peace of mind”-providing pint lock suggests, Americans are still eating lots of crap.

In any event, and even though G.M. foods are roundly considered to be harmless (and, in fact, are actually ubiquitous), asking questions is definitely better than not asking questions. Still, I reject the idea that there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Postscript: I observe that it would be refreshing if Ben and Jerry’s, in its zeal for its own brand of naturalness, could wean itself from producing such dignity-stealing flavors as “Cake Batter.”


Miralax has become a long-term solution for childhood constipation… so that parents can change their children’s diets to include more fruits and vegetables.

via Miralax, a Drug for Adults, Is Popular as a Children’s Remedy – NYTimes.com.