It was the Boss, not the Reagan.


…they were hungry for change and freedom, and seeing one of the Wests top stars made them even hungrier, argues veteran journalist Erik Kirschbaum in his book “Rocking the Wall,””Its safe to say that pretty much every East German between the ages of about 18 and 35 was either at the Springsteen concert or saw it on TV,” …

via Book Says Springsteen Concert Helped Bring down Berlin Wall – SPIEGEL ONLINE.


What Soldiers Are Worth

In November 2003, the two sides agreed on a cease-fire; since then neither has fired a shot. Yet thousands of men remain, still dying from the brutal conditions — in April, an avalanche buried 140 Pakistani troops and their civilian staff alive.

via Cold War – By Myra MacDonald | Foreign Policy.

…164 active-duty Army, National Guard, and Reserve troops took their own lives in 2011, compared with 159 in 2010 and 162 in 2009.

via Active-Duty Army Suicides Reach Record High –