The Heaves of Desperation

…debates have been hit-and-miss for all the candidates and have often shaken up the polls in one direction or another. That kind of high-volatility outcome is exactly what a losing candidate should be pursuing, just as a team that trails late in a basketball game is correct to start trying to shoot more 3-pointers.

via In Need of a Game Change, Santorum Plays Small Ball –


Bouncing Can Be Boring

 “If you try to pay attention to me right now, I’m just going to seem like a mess. You should be invested in the NFL playoffs right now. That’s what they’re there for,” said [college basketball], known for delivering riveting, emotional March tournament games to viewers who have only recently remembered it exists.

via College Basketball Warns People Not To Get Excited About It Yet | The Onion – Americas Finest News Source.

It says here that it may never be time to get excited about college basketball (no one plays defense, few can play offense), but absolutely, equivocally nothing interesting ever happens in January. (Or February.)