Stop Wasting Time!

Despite being a copycat league, most NFL teams don’t do it while the best teams and the best quarterbacks — Tom Brady and Peyton Manning — kill people with it every week.

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On the End for the N.F.L.

There are now over 850 former players­­–roughly 854–involved, a small fraction of the thousands of former and retired players that could potentially join the lawsuits.

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The Clock Is Ticking on Football as We Know It

So what does it say about the NFL — and what does it say about us as football fans — that this would happen in pro football and there would be a vague, “Eh, everybody does it, everybody’s trying to hurt everybody in football anyway” reaction from so many?

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Theres a lot less money in the sport, and at first its “the next hockey” and then its “the next rugby,” and finally the franchises start to shutter.

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