It’s Good to Be the King

[9:44 PM] Me: King of comedy. Bob Hope? Eddie Murphy? Go!

[10:08 PM] Bob: Lenny Bruce! Redd Fox!

[10:09 PM] Me: Which?

[10:09 PM] Bob: Come on Bob Hope had an army of writers…Eddie Murphy made millions emulating the two names I gave you.

[10:15 PM] Me: Lenny Bruce doesn’t work. He’s too fringe. He’s a good rogue, a powerful influence. But not nobility.

[10:16 PM] Me: Foxx is intriguing. Kinglike, but did not reign over much.

[10:17 PM] Me: Jerry Seinfeld has the tools, the kingdom, the enduring success. But may be too modern to suit you.

[10:19 PM] Me: Robin Williams, too, has Seinfeld-like qualities. Perhaps more success. Has faded some, but was bigger at his biggest.

[10:21 PM] Me: Richard Pryor is good, but was too often behind the scenes. A better pretender to the throne.

[10:22 PM] Me: Bill Cosby? He is a giant, but has done nothing recently but whine that black comedians swear too much.

[10:23 PM] Me: Rodney Dangerfield? Hmm. I like his regal style, but resume is not there.

[10:25 PM] Me: George Carlin? Another big influence. But no big feats off the stage.

[10:25 PM] Me: I vote Williams. With Pryor and Carlin in the wings.

[10:15 AM] Bob: The correct answer to the question, who is the king of comedy, is Will Rogers. All of the afore mentioned pretenders pale in comparison to Will’s ability to comment on the every day with insightful wit and charm.

[10:19 AM] Bob: The king of comedy woulf be king for making light of the everyday with a good dose of “Come on think about it”

[10:19 AM] Bob: A shit pot of comedians have incorporated his commentary into a variety of media to make their comedic presence.

[10:22 AM] Me: Wow. That might be it.

[10:22 AM] Bob: I find upon review that all of the very entertaining comedians you have credit to present in there comments a sense of treatment to their subject matter patterned after Mr. Rogers. They just put their own spin on it given the media used to transmit their message and brought to the level of their audience.

[10:23 AM] Me: That sounded like bullshit.

[10:24 AM] Me: But I like Rogers.

[10:25 AM] Me: It could be you’re not a hopeless idiot.

[10:33 AM] Bob: Foxx fought hard for this …Whoopie Goldberg went over the top…and still made people laugh…with the use of the absurd…social and political context…that made the dominate culture uncomfortable as they laughed at the obvious joke and were unease at the message.

[10:33 AM] Bob: So, Will Roger’s the king of comedy for being funny…but more so getting people to realize it shouldn’t be that funny or really isn’t funny at all…thus the phrase we have to laugh or we will cry

[10:35 AM] Me: Wow. Well played.


Outside of a Fishing Boat

Who’s the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll? | Site unseen: “12:16 PM– Me: Hey. Who’s the queen of rock and roll?
9:54 PM– Bob: L’il Richard…Good golly Miss Molly
11:05 PM– Me: I was asking you. And I meant woman. Chrissy Hynd or Pat Benatar. Like that.”

8:40 PM– Me: Today: Who is king of N.F.L. quarterbacks?

9:11 PM– Bob: You mean like “the” King…somebody who really stands out as not only a quarterback but as the overall leader of the team on and off the field?

9:19 PM– Me: The king, as in Mel Brooks’s saying, It’s good to be the king. The best.

9:45 PM– Me: I say Montana. Won big games. No picks in Super Bowl.

9:46 PM– Me: Elway and Brady as leading pretenders.

10:24 PM– Bob: Never trust a guy who sells used cars…trust is key to being a king…Elways out.

10:26 PM– Bob: Brady = whiner..whiner’s are not winners…he’s out…

10:43 PM– Bob: OK…now Bradshaw. Bastard that he was I still would have to say that he would be a top pick for company to waste a day on a boat, on a northern lake, fishing for walleye. Him, Jerry Reed and Art Donovan.

10:43 PM– Bob: I would be able to vote for Montana. Wasn’t much of a winer. Recognized the abilities of the folks around him and used it to the teams advantage. Seemed to be able to nurse the varied egos. Impressed by his slight stature and relative fearless-ness when rather large sweaty guys were going to make him eat his lunch. Plus there was the Norte Dame game where he played with flu and in the rain and sleet. But when he tells stories he isn’t near as entertaining as Art.

10:47 PM– Bob: Bradshaw? Why not. For Christ sake they were the only ray of sunshine for an entire economically depressed region. He was smart enuogh to to beat the Vikings…numerous times….provides color commentation in uniquely hunble manner and when providing information as an authoritative source seems to do so with respect for those that played and are still playing.

10:48 PM– Bob: So the king:

10:49 PM– Bob: Had to be a standout player…not necessarily the most talented.

10:49 PM– Bob: Ability to perform when the chips were down…against the odds.

10:50 PM– Bob: Not a winer or pompus ass

10:52 PM– Bob: Longevity…and ironman type aspects…willing to play hurt take chances that might mean injury to get the job done.

10:55 PM– Bob: Finally they would have to have the what ever it is to provide excellant companionship in some activity unrelated to football where they could pass as a regular guy doing what regular guys do when they do it(i.e., fish’un, hunt’in,etc.)

10:57 PM– Bob: With this in mind I would have to go with Bradshaw over Montana…do to criteria number 4…he would be more fun to go fishing with.

12:03 AM– Me: Over all, I’m going with Montana. Outside the fishing boat, he’s the best QB.

12:14 AM– Bob: Montana unless I have to take him fishing. Then its Bradshaw all the way.

12:18 AM– Me: Done. See how good we are at this?