A Bad Plan, Realized

[2:11 PM] Me: OK. Irony. Ready?

[2:12 PM] Me: Turn to Page 295 of Fowler. Simply, irony is a kind of sarcasm.

[2:16 PM] Me: It’s basically where you say one thing and mean the opposite. Or when something happens that is the opposite of what you’d expect.

[2:17 PM] Me: For instance, it is ironic when you criticize a bad plan as being “brilliant.”

Alanis Morissette. Performing a live concert i...

Alanis Morissette. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[2:18 PM] Me: And it is ironic if an Olympic swimmer drowns in his bathtub. Or if a firehouse burns down.

[2:21 PM] Me: But be careful that you don’t call every oddity ironic. None of things Alanis Morissette sang about in “Isn’t It Ironic” were actually ironic. They’re just bummers.

[2:22 PM] Me: Irony depends on two audiences. One that is in on it. Another that’s not.

[2:24 PM] Me: Like when characters in a play say things that seem trifling, but audience members know to be pregnant with doom. (See Oedipus, Orestes, etc.)

[2:24 PM] Me: Got it?

[4:16 PM] Maria: I do believe that i do get it

[4:17 PM] Me: Hmm

[4:17 PM] Me: Should I believe you?

[4:17 PM] Maria: Yes?

[4:17 PM] Me: Hmm

[4:18 PM] Me: You could prove it, dream up an example.

[4:52 PM] Maria: I do understand

[4:54 PM] Me: That’s OK. You’re young. No one expects you to be able to find your ass without using both hands.

[4:55 PM] Me: Anyway. I won’t tell your Dad that you’re a quitter. Next week, we’ll try something else.

[4:56 PM] Maria: Sounds like a plan


Grammar Note of the Weekend, No. 1

[1:08 PM] Me: I’ll start early.

[1:09 PM] Me: Awhile is an adverb; a while, a noun. So, he visited awhile. But. He left after a while. Get it?

[1:11 PM] Maria: I do get it

[1:12 PM] Me: Wow. That was unexpected.

[1:12 PM] Me: I guess, we’ll see. And next week, we’ll try something else.

[1:12 PM] Me: Until you become literate

[1:13 PM] Me: Our for trying

[1:13 PM] Me: I meant, “Or die trying,” he said ironically

[1:16 PM] Maria: Very ironic

[1:18 PM] Me: That’s good. We’ll do irony next Saturday.