Things Your Father Told You to Do, and Things He Didn’t

father-and-son-talkIn our humble opinion, though, learning how to drive stick is one of those time-honored skills that just might save your tuchus. Knowing how to drive stick could also get you out of a sticky situation. Like fleeing the scene in a “borrowed” getaway car.

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It’s the fear of every father: Your son never learned to drive a stick shift, and you just know that someday it is going to bite him in the rump.

Well, it happened over the weekend, when campus police officers at the University of Texas in Houston Police Department responded to a report of an unusual carjacking. Apparently, two teenagers had picked the wrong car to steal.

The first part of the crime went according to plan. The vehicle was chosen, and the victim was removed from the car. But things got complicated when the teens tried to make their getaway. All at once it became apparent that a life of crime is harder than it looks. Also, driving a stick shift.

But in an inspired act of problem-solving, the thieves actually appealed to the victim for an impromptu disquisition on the modern manual transmission. Alas, the circumstances were not ideal. No impression was made on the boys’ driving abilities, and after a few blocks they kicked their instructor out of the car.

The victim quickly called the police, and what should have been a high-speed pursuit quickly devolved into a foot chase.

“Apparently they had issues operating the vehicle,” a police spokesman said. “They then jumped out of the vehicle and ran on foot.”

The boys were quickly rounded up and the vehicle returned to its owner, the mysteries of its locomotion intact.