Today, July 14, in Bigfoot news

Today, July 14, in Bigfoot news…

  • …Apparently, we did need someone else to tell us that, when it comes to Melba Ketchum and her so-called study of so-called Bigfoot DNA, “to conclude anything of substance from the results would be questionable…” via Mother Nature Network and Doubtful News.
  • …A cryptozoology blogger, Craig Woolheater, has gotten into the toy business. He is marketing a “novelty noisemaker” as “tons of BigFoot fun!” (At least it is “battery-free!”) Mr. Woolheater, creator of, shilled his wilderness kazoo, ironically, at the exhibition of one of history’s more lackluster Bigfoot-style hoaxes, the Minnesota Iceman at the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Tex. via Virtual-Strategy Magazine.
  • …Mr. Woolheater is also is hoping that some of the dreamy, outdoorsy types who respond to Spike TV’s $10 million Bigfoot bounty will use his “SquatchIt Bigfoot call device.” Which, if nothing else, should result in a healthy increase in the number of folks who swear that, Wait a minute, I’ve just heard Bigfoot. via Digital Journal.