Saddest ‘three men in a boat’ joke ever.

Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh are in a boat. They are in the middle of a deep, cold lake. If the boat sinks they will die of hypothermia and their corpses will sink to the bottom. There is a device in the boat that will sink it instantly, or alternatively, propel the boat to the safety of the shoreline where there are three martinis waiting for them, but it all depends on all three of them correctly answering a question. …The question is, “Is global warming real, human caused, and important, yes or no.” They don’t know who is asking the question. It could be the Heritage Institute, it could be Michael Mann with his finger on a remote that operates the device. But they are told that the best available science will be used to determine if they are wrong or right. They will all answer “yes.”

via Why you sound so stupid when you say “global warming has stopped” – Greg Ladens Blog.