Baseball in a Nutshell

6:53 PM Samantha
Derek Jeter, out since last year’s playoffs with two broken bones in his left ankle, was on the field playing catch at Yankee Stadium.

6:53 PM John
Mr. Jeter, 45, caught at least three of the bags of peanuts thrown his way before angrily telling the vendor to “knock it off, or I’ll tell Mr. Steinbrenner.”

6:53 PM Samantha
Ahem, really …

6:54 PM John
Before the game, Mr. Jeter was seen at his locker, surrounded by discarded peanut shells, asking Manager Joe Girardi if he had ever seen the little man inside the peanut.

6:55 PM Samantha
That’s not nice, dear.

6:55 PM John
Mr. Girardi said, “No, I hadn’t. After Mr. Jeter showed him, Mr. Girardi said, “I will have to put that in my binder.” Minutes later, the quiet of the locker room was punctuated by the snapping of a three-ring binder and the cracking of peanut shells.

6:57 PM John
After finishing his peanuts, Mr. Jeter sought to allay optimism about his return from a fossilized ankle. “No one ever hit a home run off their ankle,” he chirped. “Though, I think,” he added, “that Babe Ruth once homered off his buttocks.” At this, Mr. Girardi snorted. “Jeter said ‘buttocks’!”

6:59 PM Samantha
Busy over there tonight I see.