The Callahan Conundrum, or Nightmares I Have Had

Was Bill a bad coach in Lincoln? Not quite, he did his job on the offensive side of the ball and recruited fairly decent by all accounts. If you think his recruiting wasnt good, go ahead and name all the players on the defensive side of the ball on the 2009 squad that no one could score on that Bo recruited. Youll come up with a pretty short list. Ndamukong Suh? Recruited by Callahan and Dennis Wagner.

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Someone ought to roll up their sleeves and get into whether a cabal of former players and other alumni encouraged Nebraska players to roll over in Mr. Callahan’s last season or two with the Huskers. Certainly, Mr. Callahan was a jackass and a moron, but I am not sure that all of the lopsided losses that led to his dismissal can be attributed to coaching decisions. Had he been more overtly political, and had he better recognized his own limitations (and those of his coaches/friends), he might still be wearing awkward red sport shirts today.

I mention this because Mr. Callahan appears to be getting a promotion in his work with the N.F.L.’s Dallas Cowboys, which is sure to be part of his plan to return triumphantly as a head coach somewhere.

Jones said the decision had been “decided weeks ago,” leaving Callahan to awkwardly talk around the major change in how the Cowboys will run their offense on game days. In fact, Garrett refused to address the move.

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“I’m flattered to be part of this and to take on the added responsibilities of calling the plays during the course of a game,” Callahan said…

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That conceals a ferociously organized, demanding persona that rubbed superstars in Oakland wrong enough for them to still grind an axe a decade later. This same persona ultimately had a tin ear for Nebraska culture…

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