Opening Day: The Old Man in the Bronx


The day actually began in brilliant sunshine and 62 degrees in front of a capacity crowd announced at 49,514, the largest attendance at a home opener in the five years of the new Yankee Stadium.But in the later innings, when it became clear that the Yankees’ patchwork offense would not make much of a dent against Red Sox pitching, and the storm front hovered overhead, the stands emptied, leaving behind a swirl of trash on the field.

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  • I got on the train. I knew I was in for it. I sat down and thumbed over to “The Sun Also Rises.” But all I could think about was a loud passenger. “I wish we had gotten Ichiro years ago,” he was saying. He was talking loudly. He was repeating himself. 
  • About halfway up, Hemingway wrote, A bottle of wine made a good dinner companion. And being Hemingway, it went like this. “I had a bottle of wine with dinner. Wine makes a good dinner companion. I drank and ate. There was music. Wine is good company.”
  • I left the subway. It was dusty and yellow in the Bronx. I went to a favorite deli. It had been transformed in the off-season. There was no plexiglass. There was a new routine for ordering sandwiches. I stood forlornly in front of deli case. No one talked to me. I left.
  • I like to enter the stadium from the back. I like going in Gate 2. I went in at Gate 2 and walked up the steps to the field level. I looked at the bright green and the waddling fans. I walked down and noticed a Chinese food stand. I ordered some General Tso’s chicken.
  • General Tso’s chicken at Yankee Stadium is not so bad. A man behind me asked me, “Is that General Tso’s chicken?” I said, Yes. He did not ask me if it was good. He didn’t say anything after that. I gripped my beer and my bowl of rice. I walked along the field level all the way to right field.
  • My tickets were in right field. In Yankee Stadium, right field has special meaning. It is where many home runs land. I found my row and excused myself. I passed a series of blonde women. The next woman always seemed younger than the last. They all seemed to be related. They all joked with me.
  • The first one joked that I had brought food for her. The second one wanted my beer. The third one wanted a kiss. The fourth one wanted not to be related to the other three. I got to my seat and set my food on the concrete. I said hello to my friend. I was already exhausted.
  • It was hot at first. My seat was in the shade but it was hot. The sun beat down and the wind was quiet. So it was too warm. I thought about taking my coat off. I was wearing a heavy coat. It is no good for an old man to shiver. So I was wearing a good wool coat. But I did not take it off.
  • The Red Sox scored many runs. They seemed to be good at it. After a while, they scored more runs. The Yankees scored, too. But it was not enough. It was still fun. Baseball games are good. It doesn’t matter who wins. Going to a baseball game is fun.
  • It was getting colder all day. The sun left. It started to rain. Sometimes the rain felt like ice. Many people left. There was a man near me who had been saying mean things to Shane Victorino. Mr. Victorino was the right fielder. That was the only reason why the man was being mean.
  • There were only a few people left at the end. I was looking at the right fielder. The man near me was saying mean things. Finally I said something. I said, Hey, Victorino! I bet your hand is getting cold. I said this because he kept putting his hand in his shirt. It was getting cold.