This is what passes for good news in Juarez.

No one knows for sure why the violence is decreasing, but even those skeptical of official statistics say homicides in Juarez have dropped significantly. The most popular theory is that the two cartels warring over the lucrative I-10 corridor, which stretches from El Paso to Dallas, have reached a kind of temporary truce. “Theres a lot of speculation that the Sinaloa cartel has beaten the Juarez cartel, and that theyre in charge of the city now,” says Molly Molloy, a researcher at New Mexico State University who has studied violence in Juarez. “But theres also less people to kill. Most of the people killed were young men between the ages of 15 and 30. Theres less of that demographic around.”

via The Broken Windows Theory Worked in Juarez – Jesse Hyde – The Atlantic.