Proof that if you think about drones long enough, they seem normal.

The plight of nations today is not entirely the byproduct of drones having revived counter-leadership targeting — but remotely piloted vehicles have indeed made it easier to hit more and think less. Still, judgment must not be passed on the technology itself, but rather on the manner in which it has been used to date. It is not at all uncommon to see the use of new weapons shaped by old habits of mind. For example, the French army in 1940 had more, and more heavily armored, tanks than the Germans, but sprinkled them around fairly evenly among all their field divisions. The Germans, on the other hand, saw new possibilities in the new weapon, and concentrated their panzers in a handful of divisions directed at a few key points — and won a great, swift victory.

via Use an Axe, Not a Scalpel – By John Arquilla | Foreign Policy.