…the first baseball article I’ve read this year that hasn’t made me want to burn Yankee Stadium down.

“Its so strange because there is no rhyme or reason to who gets called,” said outfielder Mike Baxter, the recipient of a 4 a.m. Horwitz butt dial last winter. “He just calls random people.” Even when theyre on the field, players arent safe from the butt dialer. First baseman Ike Davis said hes received more than 100 butt dials from Horwitz, but none confused him more than the one he received during a game. “When I got back to my locker, I checked my phone and the missed call was from 8:10 p.m.,” Davis said. “Im like, why would he call me at that time? Im at first base. He sees me at first base.”

via The King of the Accidental Phone Call – WSJ.com.