Requiem for Reader

What Google has actually done is create a powerful infrastructure. The shape of that infrastructure influences everything that goes online. And it influences the allocation of mental resources of everyone who interacts with the online world. But there isnt much to the real human world that isnt shaped by the mental activity of the people in it!Thats a lot of power to put in the hands of a company that now seems interested, mostly, in identifying core mass-market services it can use to maximise its return on investment. Now in the short run, that may mostly be a problem for all of us. To the extent that we become worried about this phenomenon, we may go out and find back-up services or other alternatives. This will be less convenient and more costly, in terms of time and money, but those sufficiently foresighted might feel its a better option than opening up gmail one day to read that the email service, and the 10-years worth of communication it holds, will soon be gone.But in the long run thats a problem for Google.

via Utilities: Googles Google problem | The Economist.