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Working with Ronnybrook, he created a premium ice cream mix that would be proprietary to Big Gay Ice Cream. There will be both chocolate and vanilla mixes, as well as a neutral mix that can be used to create flavors. Experimentation is a perpetual process at the well-oufitted basement lab in the West Village location, where I spoke with Quint – who was in his mad-scientist mode – recently. “I wish I understood all the chemistry better,” Quint laments. “Ginger is particularly hard to work with, if you get it strong enough, it curdles the ice cream.” I asked about the little greasy flecks you sometimes find in soft serve. “Thats the butterfat coming out of the mix,” he said, shaking his head.

via Big Gay Ice Cream Launches New Soft-Serve This Friday – New York – Restaurants and Dining – Fork in the Road.