Which is weirder? Frog brought back from the dead, or that it gives birth by vomiting?

Using a method similar to that imagined in the blockbuster Jurassic Park, they took fresh eggs from the distantly related Great Barred Frog, deactivated their nuclei and replaced them with genes from the extinct frog.Some of the eggs spontaneously began to divide and grow to early embryo stage – a tiny ball of many living cells from a creature extinct for 30 years. Although none of the embryos survived beyond a few days, genetic tests confirmed that the dividing cells contain the genetic material from the extinct frog.We are watching Lazarus arise from the dead, step by exciting step, said Mike Archer, a professor at the University of New South Wales and the leader of the Lazarus Project team.

via Back from the dead, nearly: Scientists create living embryo of extinct frog that gives birth through its MOUTH | Mail Online.