Richard Nixon was a bigger jerk than people thought

Publicly Nixon was suggesting he had no idea why the South Vietnamese withdrew from the talks. He even offered to travel to Saigon to get them back to the negotiating table. Johnson felt it was the ultimate expression of political hypocrisy but in calls recorded with Clifford they express the fear that going public would require revealing the FBI were bugging the ambassadors phone and the National Security Agency NSA was intercepting his communications with Saigon. So they decided to say nothing.The president did let Humphrey know and gave him enough information to sink his opponent. But by then, a few days from the election, Humphrey had been told he had closed the gap with Nixon and would win the presidency. So Humphrey decided it would be too disruptive to the country to accuse the Republicans of treason, if the Democrats were going to win anyway. Nixon ended his campaign by suggesting the administration war policy was in shambles. They couldnt even get the South Vietnamese to the negotiating table. He won by less than 1% of the popular vote.

via BBC News – The Lyndon Johnson tapes: Richard Nixons treason.



One thought on “Richard Nixon was a bigger jerk than people thought

  1. Nixon was a crook. We have this fiat currency because of him, and Red China is our number one trading partner because only Nixon could go to China. This is what they said, and still say, and it is so very true; furthermore, only Nixon could mess up our nation from beyond the grave. These 2 things: 1- The fiat currency. 2- Engaging China. These will destroy us. They taught me in the Army all Communism was evil, and we were supposed to destroy it. Why was the Russian, and Cuban communism bad, and the Chinese communism not bad? Sounds a bit hypocritical to me. D..C. is destroying the United States. It is time for the states to call a Constitutional Convention, and reign them in with changes to our constitution. Term limits for Congress, is a great place to start, as well as keeping our money home, and taking care of America FIRST. As Washington said, avoid foreign entanglements, and as Ike said, beward of the Military Industrial Complex. I would add, to these warnings, avoid lobbyists, kick them out of the peoples house, and the Senate, and ban them from the capitol of the US, and all state capitols. Sorry for rambling. You just had to bring up Nixon…lol :D

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