What You Missed in Today’s Times

The police did not open them to check. No, thank you. They put the bricks, undisturbed, back in the box, and they left. Officers in New York City confront all manner of hazardous material and paraphernalia every day, but this was something else. Fruitcake.  Homemade fruitcake.

via Thief Steals 2 Packages – One Contained Glasses, the Other Didn’t – NYTimes.com.

Drones have become the subject of urgent policy debates… But they are also a part of the popular culture — toys sold by Amazon; central plot points in “Homeland” and a dozen other television shows and movies; the subject of endless macabre humor, notably by The Onion; and even the subject of poetry.

via Visions of Drones in U.S. Skies Touch Bipartisan Nerve – NYTimes.com.

Divorce filings shot up here and in other big cities across China this past week after rumors spread that one way to avoid the new 20 percent tax on profits from housing sales was to separate from a spouse, at least on paper.

via Some Chinese Seek a Divorce to Avoid Real Estate Tax – NYTimes.com.

Of the 16 men who went down with the Monitor on Dec. 31, 1862, researchers have narrowed the identities of the two sailors to six possibilities. While there are no conclusive DNA matches with their descendants, forensic researchers are convinced that they will eventually find these men’s stories in their bones.

via After Over a Century at Sea, 2 Sailors Are Laid to Rest – NYTimes.com.