But I… Let Me Just… I Mean, But…

Uncivil comments not only polarized readers, but they often changed a participant’s interpretation of the news story itself.

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I’m all for everyone’s being nicer — as in, them and not me — but the concern expressed about the excerpted thesis seems misplaced. Wasn’t it always like this? Everyone “comments” about something, and sooner or later you hear about it. Certainly, these guideposts of “opinion” were not in the past attached to everything. But they were there, on the playground and at the office. The idea that the snarky Internet comment is a novel or alarmingly malevolent influence compels you to believe that people never bantered about things before 1995.

Never mind that many people ignore comments altogether.

I’m fairly convinced that guys will get into the Hall of Fame who are as guilty as A-Rod or Bonds…

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Why does no one ever account for the fact that Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds, to name two, piled up their impressive statistics while facing a lot of performance-enhancing-drug-using pitchers? Leaving aside for the moment how much benefit a hitter or pitcher could derive from some of these substances, doesn’t that mitigate at least the inflation people associate with these numbers? Sure, Lance Armstrong was juicing his brains out. But he was racing against a lot of guys who were doing the same thing. Doesn’t that make his however-many-in-a-row whatever-they-weres seem more impressive?

Never mind that all pro athletes are probably jerks.

Cannabis saved my dog’s life,” she says. “It brought him back from the brink.”

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The course of my life so far has been marked by virtual milestone after virtual milestone of my being confronted by things I literally never thought of before. For instance, it was not long ago that I would have been unable to conceive of a salad that was not 90 percent iceberg lettuce. Stealing cable? It never occurred to me before an installer made me an offer on a cold, bright day in Iowa. (Update: I turned him down.)

And here is another one. Medical marijuana for dogs. Holy crap, why not? Can’t a brother get a bone?