Last Week’s News: Restaurant Week for Rats


In the spirit of Internet immediacy, here is a review of what I was reading online last week.

  1. “The subway, the sewer, a lot got disrupted,” said Mr. Wong, who said complaints about rats were about as bad as he has seen in 10 years. “There’s so much garbage out in the streets these days. Renovations because of the flood. Christmas trees. These things make it worse. For them, it’s Restaurant Week.” via New York City Rats Creep Inland After Storm –
  2. You’ve probably guessed that things are going to hell in Syria. So it is not a surprise that they won’t be improving any time soon? via After Assad, Chaos? –
  3. “The White House, however, was worried about the risks …in the midst of a re-election bid…” via Senate Panel Examines Benghazi Attack –
  4. Here’s a question for you: “So what’s different about Chicago?” via Why Are There So Many Murders in Chicago? |
  5. If you are reading along and come across this morose little sentence, “If this sounds apocalyptic, it is,” you probably should probably watch more TV. via Game Over for the Climate –
  6. Should Apple be a $200 stock?. Maybe. The argument is that its current value is built on the promise of future products (so far, meh) and the idea that everyone would have an iPhone by now (which they don’t).

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