Grammar Note of the Weekend, No. 1

[1:08 PM] Me: I’ll start early.

[1:09 PM] Me: Awhile is an adverb; a while, a noun. So, he visited awhile. But. He left after a while. Get it?

[1:11 PM] Maria: I do get it

[1:12 PM] Me: Wow. That was unexpected.

[1:12 PM] Me: I guess, we’ll see. And next week, we’ll try something else.

[1:12 PM] Me: Until you become literate

[1:13 PM] Me: Our for trying

[1:13 PM] Me: I meant, “Or die trying,” he said ironically

[1:16 PM] Maria: Very ironic

[1:18 PM] Me: That’s good. We’ll do irony next Saturday.