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Ludwig Wittgenstein #3

Ludwig Wittgenstein #3 (Photo credit: Christiaan Tonnis)


Stop me if you’ve heard this one:


An Iranian in New York asks his readers why no one is taking Middle Eastern philosophers seriously.


I mean, that is not what he is asking. But, really, it is.


The question is rather something else: What about other thinkers who operate outside this European philosophical pedigree…


via Can non-Europeans think? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.


A few clicks away was his answer.


I mean, it is not really the answer he wants or is even looking for. But, really, it is.


Philosopher Bertrand Russel described Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein as “the most perfect example I have ever known of genius as traditionally conceived, passionate, profound, intense, and dominating.”


via Reality is shaped by the words we use.