Devotional No. 2


(Photo credit: Me)

“…we’re left with the aesthetic contemplation of life as our reason for having a soul. …we hunch over the book of sensations like scrupulous scholars of feeling.” p. 11, “The Book of Disquiet,” Fernando Pessoa, Penguin Classics 2002.

“My heart was glorying upon the/ Throne, but is now yoked in slavery;/ My patience was a companion, but/ Now contends against me;/ My youth was my hope, but/ Now reprimands my neglect. / Why, my soul, are you all-demanding?” p. 5 “The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran,” Kahlil Gibran, Philosophical Library 2011.

…Metzger created 3D shape information based on EEG readings of his brainwaves as he furiously tried to think of nothing. This data was then fed to a manufacturing robot, which carved the Null Object sculpture out of a piece of Portland Stone. via Gustav Metzger Thinks About Nothing | Whats On | Design Week.