Winter Weight, and Discontent

Because the Yankees don’t have a catcher on the roster or in the system capable of being a No. 1 catcher, it was widely believed they would ignore their mantra of not giving out multi-year deals to retain Russell Martin.

via Yankees not alone in courting Martin –

7:14 PM John
If the Yankees sign A.J. Pierzynski, and I can’t believe I spelled that right on my first try, I am seriously going to plotz.

7:21 PM Samantha
It’s not a deep market for catchers.

7:22 PM John
Wuh?! That is what you tell me? I am mid-plotz, Sam. Mid. Not early. What I expected was a, Yeah, I agree. I will plotz, too. That sort of thing.

7:25 PM John
What is Jason Varitek doing these days? Hmm? Is Johnny Bench still alive?

7:28 PM Samantha
Varitek, really? Now that’s just crossing the line.
…I bet Bench could still play.

7:29 PM John
What, are you saying Peeszynski is handsome or something? Ugh.
Did Austin Romine have sex with a llama, or something? When did he become a nobody?

7:33 PM Samantha
Ha, I almost lost my coffee on that last line. But, apparently they don’t think he’s ready yet.

7:33 PM John
Ready?! What the balls is going on? What has he been doing for the past however-many years? It’s not like we’re asking him to land a spaceship on the moon! Squat, hit. Like that.

7:37 PM John
Also. And excuse me for saying so, but when they traded Jesus Montero, why didn’t some bright bulb pipe up and say, Hey, uhh, who are we gonna get to play catcher? I mean, really?

7:38 PM Samantha
Remember when the problem was that the Yankees had too many good catchers in the system; now suddenly not a one. And, you know what: A.J. Piersinski is trubba for bubba.

jeter_new--525x7007:38 PM John
Sigh. This got my motor going. I tell you. The Yankees have sharply disappointed me. And if I see that half-wit, bush-league chee chawker in pinstripes, so help me…
…And another thing, ho-boy. What is with Jeter? Fatty, fatty, two by four! Uffda.

7:42 PM Samantha
The Captain has, if we are to believe the Post photog, put on just a little winter weight.

7:43 PM John
Winter weight? Really? So sad, Sam. Are you going to be carrying water for the Captain when he’s 80?

7:44 PM Samantha
It could be winter weight, or a doctored photo. Regardless, he will be fine. Can you leave The Captain be already.

7:45 PM John
Winter weight. Nice. This is S.T.B., Sam. Gold.