Best Brothers Day Ever

[9:02 AM] Bob: …well I gotta find one…say could you toddle ouit to Owego…and look [a motorcycle] over for me…get some pictiures …take it for a test ride…

[9:04 AM] Me: Yup. I’ll leave now for the train. Amtrak to Albany, I think, then by taxi under the Adirondacks to the lake. Should be there by midnight

[9:06 AM] Bob: …why not shoot for Scranton and take the finger lake special…I will have Bill pick you up at Binghampton….eh…

[9:07 AM] Me: OK. OK. You call him. Set it up. Don’t even wait for me to get started.

[9:08 AM] Bob: …right o’ …this is the best brothers day ever…

[9:09 AM] Me: Good news! I’m already at Penn Station!

[9:11 AM] Bob: ….yeah…o-o…get me a T-shirt…

[9:12 AM] Me: Good news! Bought a tall boy on the platform!

[9:23 AM] Bob: …really…Hamms…..are you embiding from paper sack turned down just so…your awesome….

[9:24 AM] Me: Yup. Yup…. Good news! Found a seat near the snack car!

[9:30 AM] Bob: …yeah….where ya going….downtown….

[9:31 AM] Me: Where am I going? Uh, Binghamton! To meet Bill!

[9:32 AM] Me: Good news! Snack car has Hamm’s long necks!

[9:34 AM] Bob: …yopu rock…remember…its a 1999…so $3500 is a little steep for a rider and we ain’t collect’in…if you know what I mean…see if he will sweaten the pot a bit…maybe through in some travel bags…extra parts …etc….gods speed….

[9:35 AM] Me: Good news! I’m in Binghamton! (Caught the express.) Where’s Bill?

[9:40 AM] Bob: …ha …bull…there is no express…..I checked…

[9:41 AM] Me: If I’m not in Binghamton, then whose motorcycle is this?

[9:56 AM] Me: Good news! I bought the motorcycle! I’m going to ride it to Oswego!

[9:59 AM] Bob: ….ha ha …funny….

[10:09 AM] Me: Good news! I’m in Oswego! Bought another motorcycle! You can take your pick! I’ll just leave the extra one on the stoop!

[10:13 AM] Me: Good news! I’m riding back to the city with both bikes. You should see me! I’ve got one foot on each seat, and am controlling the handlebars with my belt!

[10:13 AM] Me: I’m like that guy at Sea World, who rides two dolphins at once.

[10:13 AM] Bob: ….o-o-o…it is brothers day….say though…Just put ’em in the driveway closest to the basketball pole….I’ll take it from there….I get a check to you …or money order…once I button them down…how much extra was the second one..

[10:14 AM] Bob: …your britches…how the heck you keeping them up?

[10:15 AM] Me: I’m using glue!…



Crap for Sale

Pumpkin 2 - "Bo Pelini"

“Bo Pelini” pumpkin. (Photo credit: kylestern)

Ameer Abdullah ran for 101 yards and a touchdown, and Nebraskas defense dominated after [Denard] Robinson left with an injury late in the first half in a 23-9 victory over No. 20 Michigan on Saturday night.

via Nebraska beats No. 20 Michigan 23-9; Robinson hurt – Yahoo! Sports.

“I don’t buy into any of that crap,” Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini told reporters after the game.

If anything ever did, that says it all.

Mr. Pelini was referring to the natural and irritating tendency of sportswriters to jerk back and forth across the road of speculation. Last week, Mr. Pelini was being asked if he had made plans to hang himself; this week, sportswriters were wondering he had already hired someone to knit conference championship banners.

What Mr. Pelini could be referring to, however, is the sentiment that Nebraska’s passage to the title game of the so-called Big Ten has been vouchsafed by the ungainly win Saturday night. Because we don’t buy into any of that crap either.

There was lots of dribble in the media about Nebraska’s defensive players declining to wear their coveted black shirts before the game; you know, because they didn’t deserve to. Lost in the noise was the undeniable fact that those same Huskers have stumbled on a brilliant strategy for winning football games: Exploit inexperienced quarterbacks.

In the opener, Nebraska befuddled twin newbies for Southern Miss. Against Wisconsin, it was the redshirt freshman Joel Stave. In Evanston, it was the unpopular Trevor Siemian, who had inexplicably replaced Kain Colter.

On Saturday, to its credit, Nebraska’s defense had to first pound its way past a fairly accomplished quarterback in Denard Robinson. He is not exactly a Landry Jones, Matt Barkley type, but he has speed and experience. And had beaten Nebraska before. Mr. Robinson’s injury in the first half sent into the arena the freshman Russell Bellomy, who had thrown only five passes this season.

When Bellomy entered the game at first-and-goal at the 8, Nebraska’s defense licked its chops. NU had already put up a roadblock on the Michigan run game. With an inexperienced pocket passer now in the house, the werewolves were coming from all angles on blitzes and various pressures.

via Shatel: Huskers come up big in crucial game –

Tom Shatel’s overwrought prose notwithstanding, the young quarterback did seem to struggle. Michigan gained only 188 yards on offense, a season low; and Mr. Bellomy threw three picks, which was as many as Nebraska’s defense had totted so far in this middle-aged season.

Yet, that was not exactly the ballgame.

While hamstrung Michigan struggled mightily, so did Nebraska’s offense, arguably its best asset. It needed three field goals to reach 23 points; quarterback Taylor Martinez threw an interception himself, and passed for only 166 yards. As Mr. Pelini told reporters after the game, “We left some points out there.”

Of course, the Huskers played without arguably their best player, Rex Burkhead, and the victory margin was comfortable even if the performance that led to it was not.

So what can you say about the game — which was, as The Associated Press put it,
“billed as the second meeting ever between quarterbacks who each have 5,000 yards passing and 2,000 yards rushing in their careers” — other than the advertising sponsors were probably none too happy about the gruesome spectacle unfolding between commercial breaks.

Still, where would we be without optimists?

So, yeah, Nebraska should feel much differently. Much better, if only because the discussion in Huskerland shifts from Pelini’s job security to NU’s chances to win its first league title since 1999. One could argue that most of the heavy lifting is finished.

via Steven M. Sipple: Out of the muck, Huskers now Big Ten favorites : Latest Husker News.

Really, the only thing that is in Nebraska’s favor is the cold, heartless math.

The Huskers are 6-2 over all and 3-1 in the conference, tied for first place with Michigan. Obviously, Nebraska has the tie breaker over Michigan, and improbably, it is most likely to be the odds-on favorite to win its four remaining regular-season games: at Michigan State (5-4, 2-3), Penn State (5-3, 3-1), Minnesota (5-3, 1-3), at Iowa (4-4, 2-2).

What remains is to actually win those games. And, as we have seen, that is far from a sure thing for this club. In other words, it isn’t the same as Nebraska’s being Nebraska. But what can be said about Mr. Pelini is that he is, so far, making the most of a mediocre situation. Never mind that the mediocre situation — inconsistent play, unremarkable players — is entirely of his making.

And what has changed for Nebraska is that now its players and coaches have a chance to honestly, credibly play to win again, instead of playing merely to avoid a disaster. Of course, disaster remains a distinct possibility, perhaps even a prevailing likelihood.

What was I saying about optimists?

“You can’t be so short-sighted as a coach to tell them that, ‘Hey, if you don’t win, it’s over. That’s crazy,’” said the Nebraska defensive coordinator John Papuchis.

‘Here Is an Easy One for You’

[12:38 PM] Bob: …f(x)= y, for any x….any x….ya still with me

[12:41 PM] Me: f(x) = y?

[12:44 PM] Bob: …oh boy….allrighty then….1 +1 is….

[12:44 PM] Me: 2

[12:45 PM] Bob: ….yes….lets take a break…you earned it….

[12:45 PM] Me: And this y business?

[12:54 PM] Bob: Subject: Ooo wait …word problem…so I ordered some parts from a company in Italy….th

[12:55 PM] Me: Is this what y equals?

[12:59 PM] Bob: …with regards to the story problem I am to call [deleted]…asap…and discover if the validation run did in fact involve [deleted]….and to establish corrective actions …with aschedule…that reduces the potential in the future of such a travisty….I have made mention of the time difference…but have been instructed to wake …whom ever up to get to job done by..5:00 pm Central…if I can’t do it they will find somebody who can.

[1:01 PM] Me: Fun. So the Italians won’t answer cuz it’s happy hour, and the Australians cuz they’re already passed out drunk. Try not to get fired

[2:53 PM] Bob: …don’t you have the Ti-85 from college…..or the BA II….I’ll look around and see what I got.

[2:53 PM] Bob: …in the mean time try….…isn’t there a formula in your book. do you have acces to a book of logs…

[2:57 PM] Me: Logs?

[2:57 PM] Bob: …e…

[2:58 PM] Me: Loge?

[3:00 PM] Bob: ….logrhythm…eh…

[3:01 PM] Me: What?! Shouldn’t you have learned to spell that, at least?

[3:03 PM] Bob: …what for…my calculator has ….e…and log….

[3:38 PM] Bob: …hey …da…the answer is …$2.00…one powerball ticket….phew…sorry it took me so long to recognize that it was a trick question….

[1:57 PM] Me: What do I get out this relationship, other than a lot of double talk and poorly shot videos??

[3:15 PM] Bob: …here is a easy one for you … I had to turn in [deleted] this morning for justification of a [deleted] …so this is a real example…case study…from a fortune 500 company….so, using NPV…I would as the approver of the project estimate future cash flows that we might generate..then discount them…or put them in one pile with a present day value…¬øeh?….I would then then add this amount to the expected expenditures…drains on the pile…and so my proposed drain on the company of $26000 represents approx. 0.0001067 of the NVP…even with out us putting something in a box…so then I can expect approval ..based on financial feasibility and business necessity…as it brings us into compliance ….right?

[3:19 PM] Me: Can’t you explain it better? More smartly?

[3:39 PM] Bob: ..smartly…¬ø?…well you got your goWz intoes and you go ootztoes…what you got a fig’ if your cominz toes…is gonna be anuff for which ever it is ya need a guzouttoes…if it ain’t enough then the money ya thought was gonna be enough ain’t gonna git ya …and you gotta get mor goes intoes if ya have have…what ever it was…that ya was so concerned of …when ya …started looking for …

[3:40 PM] Me: OK. Now. Like an Eskimo

[6:35 PM] Bob: …nukaluk malukaluk…..kabloona?

[10:26 PM] Me: Nice. Now to learn finance I have to be racist?

Word of the Week: Concupiscent

fouChtra paNta .. -25%

(Photo credit: jef safi \ ‘pictosophizing)

So, avuncular (unclelike), saturnine (sluggish), sybaritic (pleasure-loving), antediluvian (primitive), concomitant (accompanying), uxorious (fawning), lucubrate (laborious studying), vulpine (foxlike), fissiparous (fractious), skeuomorph (look it up yourself), obdurate (stubborn), syllepsis (zeugma), parlous (perilous), crepuscular (twilightlike) and how about… concupiscent?

Yes. Concupiscent. Cone-KEW-puh-sent.

What’s that you say? Concupiscent sure sounds Safe for Work? Well, that’s because you don’t know that Webster’s Fourth defines it as “strong desire or appetite, esp. sexual desire; lust.”

It still doesn’t sound dirty, you say? Did you know it comes between concubine and concur in the dictionary? What if I told you that concupiscent means exactly the same thing in French?

From the I-am-not-making-it-up Huffington Post Quebec:

À la télé, cest le retour des grands rendez-vous de téléréalité quon regarde lœil concupiscent un mot qui na jamais aussi bien porté son nom comme les magazines bon marché qui traînent chez le dentiste ou lostéopathe.*

via Pascal Henrard: OD aux joies sauvages.

Uh-huh. Now, ’at’s what Ah’m talkin’ ’bout.

Concupiscent is the adjective form of the noun concupiscence, derived from the Latin concupiscens. And it is almost always used to refer to N.S.F.W. activities. Though I think I encountered it in reference to a diner’s enthusiastic partaking of a large banquet; and there is no shortage of mostly-S.F.W. applications.

[Douglas] Sills is a devilishly handsome leading man so he is perfectly cast as the romantic, concupiscent, and erotic Gomez Addams.

via Theater review: The Addams Family at the Music Hall at Fair Park | | Dallas/Fort Worth.

Though, it is occasionally it is applied by killjoys. Observe:

For while the Christian call to chastity—meaning abstinence for the unmarried and non-concupiscent marriage necessarily male-female for others—is hardly central to the gospel, it is undoubtedly a part of it…

via Brian McLaren’s Liberal Christian Revival » First Thoughts | A First Things Blog.

Another common trait in the usage of this word is what I would call nuttsery. The examples I found bordered on the nonsensical and, to use another French word, blowhardesque. As in the Quebecker above, who acts like he is making a bold statement about reality television — but is in fact comparing them to outdated magazines.

Or this excerpt from a blindingly scatological article in the apparently serious publication, The Arkansas Times:

It’s a coarse, defiant Medean cry that moderately disturbs humans but will cause a concupiscent Limbaugh ram’s doodles to draw up almost to the point of inversion in the wink of an eye.

via Ribbon quest | Bob Lancaster | Arkansas news, politics, opinion, restaurants, music, movies and art.

* On TV, it’s the return of major rendezvous reality television we look at the lustful eye (a word that has never been better named) as cheap magazines lying around at the dentist or osteopath.

‘No Panic, No One Hang Back Now!’

Illustrations of Odyssey Polski: Odyseusz i Po...

Odysseus serving the Cyclops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Assignment 1: Choose one episode from the Odyssey that was not given a Functionalist reading in lecture, and analyze this episode through a Functionalist lens. …What social norm does this episode legitimize?

A functionalist reading of Odysseus’ encounter with the Cyclops can serve to justify values of prudence and consideration in leadership, even in a society enamored with heroes. Leaders have grave responsibilities; recklessness can lead to ruin.

In Polyphemus’ cave, to the soundtrack of his shrieking men, Odysseus learns vital lessons: First, don’t act rashly; second, never underestimate danger; and third, when resolved, commit to action. He applies these lessons to bloody effect in the climactic books.

The folly of acting rashly is demonstrated to Odysseus within moments of meeting the Cyclops. Odysseus’ men, surveying the fleecy lambs and drying cheeses, propose to burgle the giant’s cave; but our hero compounds that audacious impulse by wanting to wait “till I saw him, saw what gifts he’d give.” He ignores the possibility that the Cyclops would be unaware of, or unconcerned by, the formalities of Grecian hospitality.

Odysseus’ greed leads him to underestimate danger: the giant’s cave he took to be a rustic grocery becomes a trap after the giant shuts himself in for the night. Instead of full bellies and parting gifts, Odysseus and his men spend the night groaning on the floor of a manure-strewn cave.

But Odysseus makes effective use of his time. He contrives a three-pronged plan to disable the giant (by getting him drunk and gouging out his eye), humiliate him (by convincing him that Odysseus’ name is “Nobody”) and complete the burglary that was proposed in the first place (by hiding under the sheep when the giant lets them out in the morning). Though his proposal is complicated, Odysseus is all in, as the card players say. He exhorts his men: “Courage — no panic, no one hang back now!”

Though the lessons take time to sink in — not long afterward, he walks his men into another cannibal ambush — they seem to form a blueprint for his confrontation with the suitors. Odysseus bides his time on Ithaca, collecting information and considering the risks before consummating the awful, final slaughter. Clever, brave Odysseus seems to have learned to value caution as much as courage.

‘Thanks for Coming on the Show!’

6:25 PM John
It’s Sam everyone!


6:29 PM Samantha
Thank you, John! It’s, um, good to be here.


6:29 PM John
Of course it is. And you look great. What am I saying, of course you do.
Anyway, have a seat!


English: Jay Leno in July 2008.

Jay Leno in 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


6:30 PM Samantha
Thanks. Let me just grab some coffee, and then I’m all set to chat at bit.


6:30 PM John
Sorry, Sam. We’re out of time! Thanks for coming on the show!


6:40 PM Samantha
That’s the last time I come on this show …


6:41 PM John
Hey! Everyone! It’s Sam!


6:41 PM Samantha
Thanks. It’s great to be here!


6:41 PM John
Sorry, we’re on a commercial break.


6:42 PM Samantha
Excuse me while I call my agent.


9:04 PM Samantha
Worst green room ever. Just saying


9:05 PM John
Oh. About that. Can you be sure to leave a deposit? Those little liquor bottles don’t pay for themselves, you know. Thanks.


9:05 PM Samantha
What little liquor bottles; I don’t see anything of the sort …


9:06 PM John
I see. I am just going to go ahead and mark you down as, Drank.


9:07 PM Samantha
Drank what? I can’t even get a bottled water over here


9:07 PM John
Oh. Sure. That’s why you are slurring your I.M.’s?
Listen. Don’t be difficult. We are used to dealing with people like you.


9:08 PM Samantha
What the hell does that mean? Are you saying I’m difficult? Dear, please. So absurd.


9:08 PM John
Well. Look how argumentative you are being right now! I mean. Really. Just put down the gin. And take a look at yourself. We can’t put you on the air like that!


9:10 PM Samantha
There is no mirror (or gin for that matter) in this joke of a green room.


9:10 PM John
Well, maybe you’d like to run your own talk show? Hmm? Ms. I Have to Be Drinking Alcohol All the Time! Why don’t you just take your red nose and your abusive habits and see if Jay Leno wants to see them.


9:11 PM Samantha
See, now who’s argumentative? It’s not my fault this talk show of yours is lacking some key features — like a green room, some water, actual talking. And, Leno, really? Don’t be insulting. If I’m leaving, I’m going to Letterman.


9:12 PM John
Harrumph. You’ll be lucky if Dr. Phil takes your calls when I am through with you!


On Coming Back and Going Forward

Elated, to not have lost.

Taylor Martinez threw for 342 yards and three touchdowns and Nebraska rallied to beat Northwestern 29-28 on Saturday.

via Martinez rallies Nebraska past Northwestern, 29-28 – Yahoo! Sports.

It is tempting to assess this result through the lens of, say, 1995, and remark that it is hard to know what is more appalling, 1) that Nebraska had to hustle so much to beat a team like Northwestern or 2) that such a rough-edged victory has the potential to change the season.

But we here have buried those heroes long ago, in the green grass of Pasadena, on the parched artificial turf of Lubbock, amid the rocks and bitterness of Boulder. And it is unambiguously a good thing that the Huskers held together long enough to win Saturday in Evanston, no matter how meek the cheers back in Nebraska are.

The win keeps the wolves from Pelini’s doorstep, most of them anyway.

via Steven M. Sipple: Huskers memorable win keeps wolves at bay : Latest Husker News.

This the new Nebraska. It is not a team that looks forward to gleaming trophies or a trip to a lucrative bowl paradise. This is a team that looks anxiously for signs of shifting ground at its feet. And here is your good news: Another week has passed without a brimstone-filled chasm yawning open in the brown fields of Nebraska.

Of course, it was disturbing that the miscues that have plagued this team all season seem to be a top-billed star of Nebraska games, rather than a recurring fringe character — to wit, three fumbles, eight penalties and a consistent lack of focus. The Huskers converted only 3 of 14 third downs, 0 of 1 fourth down and it flubbed two 2-point conversions. Nebraska’s sideline was its most animated not when Ben Cotton scored the go-ahead touchdown but when Northwestern missed a potential game-winning field goal minutes later.

That speaks to the Huskers being a club that is maybe more worried about not losing than it is about winning.

But they also piled up 26 first downs and outgained Northwestern by 241 yards. Which brings me to this from Tom Shatel of The World-Herald.

The Big Red should have won big. The Big Red should have lost by 12. They tried to beat themselves. They ended up beating the Wildcats in a thriller and notched the first leg of the six-game gauntlet Pelini laid down.

via Shatel: Bumbling but gutsy Huskers clean things up in nick of time –

First of all, yeah, he really did write that the Huskers “tried to beat themselves.”

Second, no matter how tone deaf Mr. Shatel is, he has perhaps unzipped the key to understanding the sometimes-futile, always-quixotic nature of this year’s Huskers. Nebraska may very well be one of the conference’s best teams, though it is unlikely they will be able to keep their trousers up long enough to prove it.

It is easy to think that another club in the so-called Big Ten will charge to the division title while the Huskers locked in the bathroom, angrily telling their parents to leave them alone. But the reality is, with a win next week against first-place Michigan, Nebraska will take over first place for itself.

Bruised and humiliated, the Huskers still have in comfortable reach their ungainly goal of holding off disaster for another more week.

The Odyssey, 10 Years in 10 Days: ‘as a Mountain Lion Exultant’

Odysseus and Nausicaä by Charles Gleyre (19th ...

Odysseus and Nausicaa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 10: The isolated island of Scheria. Who: King Alcinous and the Phaeacians. What: Odysseus warms up for his reunion tour of Ithaca by playing King Alcinous’ court.

Storm-tossed Odysseus fetches up on the shores of Scheria. He has bedded down in a pile of leaves under some olive bushes. While he snoozes, the daughter of King Alcinous gets divine inspiration — to do her laundry. Like Circe and Calypso before her, the princess Nausicaa has marriage on her mind, and so she takes her clothes and her handmaids to the river, not far from where brine-caked Odysseus slumbers.

The ladies fairly froth with youth and beauty, as they wash clothes and play with a ball. When this lands near Odysseus, he jolts awake. “Man of misery,” Odysseus says, “whose land have I lit on now?” He quickly realizes there are young girls nearby. And Homer takes a brief detour into pornographic movie:

“Great Odysseus crept out of the bushes, stripping off with his massive hand a leafy branch from the tangle olive growth to shield his body, hide his private parts. And out he stalked as a mountain lion exultant in his power strikes through the wind and rain…” Book 6: 139-145

Nausicaa is, all, Now that’s what I’m talking about, and offers to help him. After giving Odysseus something to eat and clothes to wear, they all pile back to Alcinous’ marvelous palace. Odysseus can’t believe his luck. A few hours ago, he was freezing-too cold and covered in mud; now he is strolling through the house of the island’s richest man. The idea, from a literary perspective, is that Odysseus slowly gathers strength, from being a “glowing brand in the ashes” to his erotic, animalistic emergence from the shrubs. And eventually to his holding court and his own with a bunch of nobles.

For the man of misery, it keeps getting better. The king and queen make him the guest of honor of a banquet and an athletic competition. And, far more important, they urge him to tell the story of his journey. In fact, this is how Homer tells the reader Odysseus’ story, in a long, wine-soaked monologue in Books 9 through 12.

Ulysses at the court of Alcinous

Ulysses at the court of Alcinous (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my favorite lines from “The Odyssey” comes in Book 13. Odysseus has just finished his boozy story. And he is a huge hit.

He had droned on and on, talking about cannibals and nymphs, and then cannibals again, and then nymphs again. And now he basked in the glow of Grecian civility as sizzling beef joints are heaped on platters and wine is sloshed into gold cups. Nobles are won over by his wit and charm. Princesses gape at his broad shoulders.

If he is honest, he will say it is the high point of his trip.

And when Odysseus is all done with his story, King Alcinous is delighted. He smacks his new, wave-tossed friend on the back and urges his nobles, who already have furnished Odysseus with “robes and hammered gold and a haul of other gifts,” to “each of us add a sumptuous tripod, add a cauldron!”

And then the king delivers my favorite lines:

“Then recover our costs with levies on the people: it’s hard to afford such bounty man by man.”

Scheria’s 1 percent greeted the king’s instructions “with warm applause.”

And, so the king loads him down with loot and gives him a ship to sail for home. Thence to Ithaca and, really, the beginning of the story.

Talking point: Nobody loves to hear about Odysseus more than Odysseus. Death toll: 0.

The Souring of Saturdays

The Primitive Index of Success (PISS). Yellow represents the number of all-conference players; green the number of all-Americans; and blue the number of wins.

The Huskers play Northwestern on Saturday afternoon in what has become an important game. So important that a blogger could be excused for thinking it was the most important game of the young season. For one thing, the Wildcats are a half-game up on Nebraska in the division, so a win would solidify the Huskers’ slippery grip on second place. For another, a win, especially a convincing one, would go a long way to wash away the foul taste of the loss last week, in which Nebraska allowed 63 points to supposedly average, but still ranked, Ohio State.

A third reason for focusing on an opponent that is an afterthought for most programs is that Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini has, perhaps unwisely, made winning the remainder of his team’s games something of a goal. The first step in winning the rest of them, of course, is to win Saturday. Mr. Pelini has surely noticed the increasing heat on his seat.

I am willing to admit such criticism of Mr. Pelini may be unfair. But he is stuck in a rut. Observe the chart above. Mr. Pelini’s tenure began in 2008, and he clearly exploited the fairly solid recruiting of his predecessor, Bill Callahan. In 2009, Mr. Pelini turned in a stellar season, narrowly losing the conference championship game and causing doughy chests to puff out all across Nebraska. In the past two seasons, however, progress has been harder to measure.

Nine wins is pretty good, it says here. But it still may not be good enough.

With the uncertainty of the season right now, not many kids are going to consider a school that may not have their head coach at the end of the year…

via Nebraska Recruiting: The 2013 Commit Silence Speaks Volumes – Corn Nation.

…In year five of the program Nebraska’s defense bears an alarming resemblance to the defense Pelini found when he arrived in 2007.

via Nebraska Football: Should Cornhusker Head Coach Bo Pelini Be on the Hot Seat? | Bleacher Report.

On Sunday, the first BCS rankings were released h/t ESPN. Unsurprisingly, Nebraska was nowhere to be found.

via Nebraska Football: Breaking Down Nebraskas Spot in the BCS Rankings | Bleacher Report.

It feels like a rebuilding year, like next year is the year they’ll take the next step. The problem is, it has felt like that during every season of Bo Pelini’s tenure.

via Kansas State, Notre Dame Success Make Nebraska Excuses Tough to Swallow | Bleacher Report.