What Was in the Paper?

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Oh. The usual crap:

…why did my first horrible case of traveler’s diarrhea in India have to result from a mango? I love mangoes, and India’s vast array of deliciously different mango varieties has been one of the great delights of moving here. “You didn’t even wash it?” Dr. Paul Offit, chief of infectious diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, asked me later. No. “Even by your standards, that was really stupid,” Dr. Offit said.

via When the Mango Bites Back – NYTimes.com

See also:

India arguably has only two seasons: monsoon season and mango season. Monsoon season replenishes India’s soil. Mango season, more than a few literary types have suggested, helps replenish India’s soul.

via Mango Season Has India in Thrall – NYTimes.com.

Kama shoots flower-tipped arrows at gods and humans alike, inspiring lust, love and the rainbow in between. One of his five arrows holds a mango blossom, said to be a particularly potent missile.

via In Myth and Literature, the Mango Remains King – NYTimes.com.