The Trouble With Canada

There is blood in the water in The Bronx and the sharks are beginning to circle.

via Yankees looking vulnerable | Home | Toronto Sun.

The ill tidings, from the veteran reporter Ken Fidlin, begin immediately in a preview of the Blue Jays’ three-game series (which began Monday).

Sharks in the Bronx! Think of it.

To be sure, given the natural state of the Harlem River, that seems like as much trouble for the sharks as the Yankees. But trouble it is.

Referring to the Yankees’ shrinking lead in the American League East, Fidlin carries on: “suddenly there is reason for concern.” The Rays, we are told, “just keep getting bigger and bigger in the Yankees’ rear-view mirror.” The Orioles “breathing down the necks of the Yankees.”

Compounding matters is the Yankees’ rotation, which we are assured is “a very fragile thing right now.”

Thus sermonized, there endeth the lesson. Fidlin’s “take” is that the Yankees look vulnerable — but only in one game out of three. “Given the sad state of affairs with the Jays right now,” he writes, “this is a good spot for the Yankees.”

A “good” spot. Concerned, and vulnerable, in the churning, gray-green waters just off the Polo Grounds Towers. Where if the sharks in the water don’t get you, those on the basketball courts in Rucker Park will. But better to be there than to be in Canada.

See, because there would be reason for concern if the Yankees were playing anyone but the Blue Jays.