Apropos of Nothing

Greenwood Park, in far South Slope.

Ever since the 700-seat beer hall Greenwood Park opened on 19th Street and Seventh Avenue last month, neighbors say their greatest fears about the venue have come true — including late-night noise, drunken driving, a street smell one resident described as “a mix of pee, cigarettes, and throw-up,” and public sex.

via Neighbors: Beer garden is turning Greenwood Heights into giant urinal • The Brooklyn Paper.

Allow me to call [expletive deleted] on this claim. I have walked my dog up and down the streets around this so-called beer hall, which is a beer-can’s throw from the august Green-Wood Cemetery. And let me assure you, the noise, traffic and smells were endemic long before this bar came along. One of my favorite diversions on said walks was to count the torn pages of pornographic magazines and unwrapped condoms that litter the curbs. I did not even keep score unless in got into the third dozen.

Neighbors there can be friendly, if more often insular. And I have no doubt that there is more jocularity on display, especially at late hours. But public sex? Sorry. Those pants were already unzipped.

…within days of the June 28 opening of the bar, Greenwood Park, vitriol erupted online. Several patrons took to Yelp, the popular review Web site, to complain — loudly — about the influx of children. “…welcome to Chuck-E-Cheese in South Slope,” a Yelp reviewer, John H., posted on July 3.

via Turf War Between Families and Childless Reaches Park Slope Bar – NYTimes.com.

Allow me to call [expletive deleted] on this claim. I have been there, and I have seen that. Parents can be seen there with their children, it is true. But they clear out long before dark. Not that their replacements on the loose gravel and new pavement whine or wet their pants any less.