The Walking Guns

For the past year and a half, some Republicans have promoted the idea that Holder and other top-level officials at the Justice Department knew federal agents in Operation Fast and Furious had engaged in a risky tactic known as “gun-walking.” Two of Holders e-mails and one from Cole appear to show that they hadn’t known about gun-walking but were determined to find out whether the allegations were true.

via The Associated Press: AG emails: Get to the bottom of Fast and Furious.

English: Actor Charlton Heston at the Civil Ri...

English: Actor Charlton Heston at the Civil Rights March in Washington, D.C. in August 1963. Magyar: Charlton Heston az 1963-as, polgári jogokért folytatott washingtoni menetben (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The beautiful irony of this it-will-end-up-going-nowhere scandal is that the natural, rational outcome of Republicans’ criticism would be to call for a natural, rational reassessment of the patchy and toothless laws that cover gun control in this country. You know, so that the amateurs in the Justice Department will be unable to foul things like this up in the future.

Sadly, that will not help people like Darrell Issa raise money for their re-election campaigns. You can just about imagine the gnarled, bony finger of the entombed Charlton Heston making an undead Shhh! sign over pursed, leathery lips. (“You damned, dirty politicians!”)

“Republican senators are whipping up the country into a psychotic frenzy with these reports that are patently false,” says Linda Wallace, a special agent with the Internal Revenue Service…

via The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal – Fortune Features.

The real cause of violence and crime south of the border, it reports, is lax gun laws in Arizona and elsewhere pushed by Republicans and their friends at the National Rifle Association.

via GOP Votes for Contempt as “Fast and Furious” Blows Up in Its Face | Mother Jones.

The House of Representatives on Thursday voted to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt for failing to disclose internal Justice Department documents in response to a subpoena. It was the first time in American history that Congress has imposed that sanction on a sitting member of a president’s cabinet.

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