Vexing Questions for a Tuesday

Are human beings intrinsically good but corruptible by the forces of evil, or the reverse, innately sinful yet redeemable by the forces of good?

via Evolution and Our Inner Conflict –

How’s that for a lede?

And you thought it would take all your life to square a circle like that. In today’s Times, all you need to do is read about 1,000 words.

…Wait, what? You don’t have that much time? O.K. I will summarize it for you: “Humans are forever conflicted… between the two extreme forces that created us.” Why is that, you ask? “It is just the way things worked out.”

Thanks, Philosophy!

Nobody can halt the worldwide rush to create cyberweapons, but a treaty could prevent their deployment in peacetime and allow for a collective response to countries or organizations that violate it.

via Stuxnet Will Come Back to Haunt Us –

What about the people who violate it?

I’m pretty sure the Yankees are the only club capable of making people try to spin hitting so many homers into a bad thing.

via Embracing the flawed, first place Yankees | River Avenue Blues.

Why is that, anyway? Why is no one satisfied, or impressed? Why do wonks continue to speculate about what useless fatbodies will be available before the trade deadline?

Homicides are up by 38 percent from a year ago, and shootings have increased as well…

via Rate of Killings Rises 38 Percent in Chicago in 2012 –

What the hell is happening in Chicago?