Before 11, Retrogression

“You’re not going to win every game for the rest of the year,” Russell Martin said…

via Braves End Yankees’ Winning Streak at 10 –

It is not just that athletes are morons who robotically say the same things over and over. Sports journalism really is in critical condition, I think. Anyway, the Yankees’ 10-game winning streak ended Tuesday night in a 4-3 loss to the Braves. A remarkable streak, if only because the Yankees do not often streak that long. It was their first such streak since 2005, and only their second since 1998. Remarkable, too, if only because, except for the first win (9-1), the games were all so close.

8:54 PM John: Jeter is clinging to .314 like a Long Island mother to her only son.

8:55 PM Samantha: Now that you mentioned The Captain and .314, I expect him to climb back over .320 this week!

8:56 PM John: It is interesting. His career average is, now, anyway, .313. …S.O.J. …Same ol’ Jeter.

8:56 PM Samantha: I, for one, love the SOJ, nothing wrong being consistent, dear. …You know, Captain drove in the go-ahead runs tonight…

8:59 PM John: What a trooper! Creaking along, driving in runs, puffing his cheeks out. Steady as judge.

9:00 PM Samantha: Creaking … no creaking.

9:00 PM John: That’s right! Creaking or no creaking, it is the same ol’ Jeter.

9:05 PM John: So. World Series in the bag.

9:07 PM Samantha: No. 28, done!

9:07 PM John: Wait, 28 and done? That seems pessimistic.

9:08 PM Samantha: Um, no … don’t try to spin what i wrote. No. 28 is locked up. Jeez.