What You Missed in Today’s Times

Gritty, beautiful presses? Better get me rewrite, since I can’t stop romanticizing.

via All the News That’s Fit to Screen – Movies About Journalism – NYTimes.com.

Emphasizing their belief that the escapees had drowned, officials said there had been no nearby robberies or car thefts on the night of the escape.

via Anniversary of a Mystery at Alcatraz – NYTimes.com.

Seventy percent of the total caviar and roe exported from the United States in 2010 went to countries in the European Union, Ukraine and Japan.

via Scarcity of Beluga Caviar Opens the Door for Louisiana – NYTimes.com.

Since it was settled by Mr. Savory’s American and European followers — fortune seekers, deserters, drunkards — and their Hawaiian wives, the island has been pillaged by pirates, gripped by murder and cannibalism, and tugged back and forth between Japan and the United States in their battle for supremacy in the Pacific.

via Fewer Westerners Remain on Remote Japanese Island – NYTimes.com.