So, They Interviewed This Guy

SPIEGEL: And then you made a mistake?

Padilla: No, it was just bad luck. I had already placed four banderillas. The colorfully decorated sticks have barbed hooks, and they were stuck in the bulls left shoulder. I wanted to place the third pair of banderillas, this time in the right shoulder, but the bull cut me off. I was on the verge of aborting, but my pride tempted me to try it anyway.

SPIEGEL: So you did make a mistake.

Padilla: No, I didnt. When I had placed the third pair of banderillas and backed off, the bull knocked me over. I fell, and he rammed his horn into my head, below the left ear. The horn came out again through the eye socket.

via Spanish Matador Juan José Padilla: Injuries Are My Medals – Now Ive Won the Gold – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International.