Cocktails for Hard-to-Please Toddlers

Introducing Van Gogh PB&J Vodka…our take on one of the most iconic American flavor combinations of all time: peanut butter & jelly.

via PB&J | Van Gogh Vodka.

I cannot decide which is more deflating. That this was actually done by someone, or that peanut butter and jelly is referred to as an “iconic American flavor combination.” Some things I just do not need to be reminded of.

Master Distiller Tim Vos selected raspberry flavored jelly after taste-testing peanut butter sandwiches matched with various jellies. “For me, the raspberry jelly came out the best,” he says. “It is fresh, fruity and mingles very well with the oily structure of the peanut butter.”

via Van Gogh Debuts PB&J Vodka.