The Goodness in Madness

Both Israel and Iran would need to introduce a vocabulary of MAD so that each side understood the rules of the game.

via Why Israel Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb | Foreign Affairs.


One thought on “The Goodness in Madness

  1. Mutually Assured Destruction – brings back bad memories of my days as a Cold Warrior. People do not realise it, but in many ways we are under a larger threat of a nuclear attack than we were when it was us against the USSR. Now it is us against them, all of the terrorists, and rougue nations. Iran is a problem created by Great Britain, and the United States, starting back in the 1950s. The CIA approached Truman about covert ops on behalf of Britain, over oil, and he would have no part of it, and told them hell no; however, when Eisenhower became President, he approved the CIA’s plans, and over the years things culminated in the Fundamentalist revolution of the late 1970s, the ouster of the Shah of Iran, and the kidnapping/holding of Americans. Anyone who has read up on our part in all of this would understand Iran’s fear of the West, in particular the USA, and her allies. Can we blame them for wanting to protect themselves from future CIA missions against their government? I am not saying they should have the A Bomb, just looking at how they can justify it in their minds.

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