The ‘World-Destroying Hippy Singularity’

[5:28 PM] Me: Hey. Settle a bet for us. What is chief ingredient of hummus?

[9:24 PM] Bob: …chick peas

[9:53 PM] Me: Nice. We both bet you didn’t know.

[9:55 PM] Bob: ….Really???….they also work as a substitute for barley in beef barley soup…shoot really nive through a McDonalds straw…tend to jam in Runza ones…that’s in the dry form…from the bag

[10:01 PM] Me: Yeah, yeah. No one believes you buy them in sacks. But bully for you that you knew the answer.

[8:27 AM] Bob: …all righty then other then their aero dynamic characteristics…what is the difference between chick peas and garbonzo beans….eh

[10:27 AM] Bob: …hey there a differance…

[10:28 AM] Me: No difference, other than spelling. …Now, I got a question for you… What world-destroying hippy singularity do I risk by dipping falafel chips into hummus?

[10:34 AM] Bob: …nothing….treat it as a middle eastern gaucamole and chips….goes good with Margaritas and a little hot sauce

[10:35 AM] Me: Good answer. You’re 2 for 2. I will have to upgrade you to Slob from Coarse Simpleton.