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The guidelines will lengthen to five years — from 180 days — the amount of time the center can retain private information about Americans when there is no suspicion that they are tied to terrorism, intelligence officials said.

via U.S. Relaxes Some Restrictions for Counterterrorism Analysis – NYTimes.com.

Coupled with poverty and other social factors, problems with water could even contribute to the political failure of weaker nations.

via U.S. Intelligence Report Predicts Tensions on Water – NYTimes.com.

City officials in this small town about an hour west of Green Bay believe there is no physical threat to residents and note that no major damage has occurred to property. But night after night of the same quakelike eruptions has inspired a local obsession — driven by fear and fascination — to pinpoint the cause.

via In Clintonville, Wis., the Ground is Going Bump in the Night – NYTimes.com.

DePuy did not recall the device at issue, or a companion model that was used in this country, until August 2010, a year after it got the administration’s letter. But in September 2009, just weeks after the letter arrived, company executives started a strategy to phase out the devices while selling their remaining stocks for use in patients both here and abroad, company records show.

via F.D.A. Asked DePuy for Safety Data Just Before Hip Implant’s Phaseout – NYTimes.com.