Q.P.R. 2, Arsenal 1 (Zagat-style)

QPR breathed new life into their relegation battle with a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Arsenal at Loftus Road to end the Gunners Barclays Premier League [seven-game] winning streak.” Rangers “showed scant respect for such a record with a resounding victory that, while not taking them out of the three on a dramatic day, will give them renewed hope of avoiding the drop.”

“There has always been something of the Tommy Cooper about Adel Taarabt — some of his tricks work but most do not,” but “Taarabt broke his duck in the 23rd minute with a superb individual effort.” He “marked his first Premier League goal by donning a fez that he then threw into the crowd, but referee Mike Dean took a dim view of his actions and brandished a yellow card.”

After Theo Walcott tied the score for Arsenal in the 37th minute, the “French midfielder [Samba] Diakite hit the winner in the 66th minute after being set up by Jamie Mackie.”

Rangers “took the game to Arsene Wenger’s side and looked dangerous early on.” After “a mere two wins in the first seven months of the season, they have doubled that in their past two home games with precious victories over Liverpool and now, Arsenal.”

via Kilburn Times; Mail Online; NDTVSports.com; Telegraph; The Observer; West London Sport; ESPN Soccernet; and Yahoo! Sports


Your Revolution Is Over, Mr. Lebowski. Condolences.

But there is no organised global conflict between the classes; there is no organised global proletariat. There’s nothing even close.

via John Lanchester · Marx at 193 · LRB 5 April 2012.

Yore Ax-Sent Shore Hass Chainj’d

This rearrangement, called the Northern Cities Vowel Shift, is the result of a chain reaction of vowel changes on an epic scale similar to the process that transformed vowels from Middle English to Modern English between 1400 and 1600.

via Votes and Vowels: A Changing Accent Shows How Language Parallels Politics | The Crux | Discover Magazine.

Unarmed Black Men, Nos. 3 and 4

He was apparently unarmed, and a bag of marijuana was in the toilet bowl next to him.

via Police Unit Faces Scrutiny After Ramarley Graham’s Death in Bronx – NYTimes.com.

“It was out of his character. We feel like he did try to surrender.”

via Family of man shot by Del City officer questions police account | NewsOK.com.

Yeah, What Gives?

Under assault, I didn’t dream of harming my teenage assailant, let alone taking his life. Mr. Zimmerman reacted very differently, taking out his handgun and shooting the youth in cold blood. What gives?

via The Gated Community Mentality – NYTimes.com.

Dig Deeper

Among developed nations, incomes per person grew no faster in countries like the United States and Britain that slashed their top tax rates than in countries like Spain, Germany or Denmark, which did not.

via The Case for Raising Top Tax Rates – NYTimes.com.

The ‘World-Destroying Hippy Singularity’

[5:28 PM] Me: Hey. Settle a bet for us. What is chief ingredient of hummus?

[9:24 PM] Bob: …chick peas

[9:53 PM] Me: Nice. We both bet you didn’t know.

[9:55 PM] Bob: ….Really???….they also work as a substitute for barley in beef barley soup…shoot really nive through a McDonalds straw…tend to jam in Runza ones…that’s in the dry form…from the bag

[10:01 PM] Me: Yeah, yeah. No one believes you buy them in sacks. But bully for you that you knew the answer.

[8:27 AM] Bob: …all righty then other then their aero dynamic characteristics…what is the difference between chick peas and garbonzo beans….eh

[10:27 AM] Bob: …hey garbonzo..is there a differance…

[10:28 AM] Me: No difference, other than spelling. …Now, I got a question for you… What world-destroying hippy singularity do I risk by dipping falafel chips into hummus?

[10:34 AM] Bob: …nothing….treat it as a middle eastern gaucamole and chips….goes good with Margaritas and a little hot sauce

[10:35 AM] Me: Good answer. You’re 2 for 2. I will have to upgrade you to Slob from Coarse Simpleton.

Patos Papa Laundry Tips, Nos. 1 and 2

Why would Mr. Zdarsky, who may be the only resident of Lucin, need camouflage clothing? “Because they don’t get dirty,” Mr. Zdarsky says.

via In a Remote Part of Utah, Life Alone in a Hangar – NYTimes.com.

Black socks, too. Never get dirty. Don’t know why.

On Unarmed Black Men, No. 2

The 19-year-old reportedly put his hand near his waistband, and both officers fired. Afterward, no weapon was found.

via Pasadena police shooting of unarmed black man Kendrec McDade being investigated | 89.3 KPCC.