What You Missed in Today’s Times

It is easy to forget that Mr. Obama’s stimulus wasn’t the first.

via Republicans Malign a Stimulus, but the Plausible Options Were Few — Economic Scene – NYTimes.com.

The sculpture, which is five feet tall and weighs 250 pounds, is one of a pair of scowling athlete-combatants in intricate headdresses from the mid 900s who were positioned in battle-ready stances and come from one of Koh Ker’s temples; it is about 200 years older than the famous sculptures at Angkor Wat.

via Sotheby’s Caught in Dispute Over Prized Cambodian Statue – NYTimes.com.

A gallon of gas had dropped to $1.89 when Mr. Obama took office in 2009, in large part because of the fall in oil demand caused by the financial crisis, and has almost doubled since.

via Rising Gas Prices Give G.O.P. Issue to Attack Obama – NYTimes.com.


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