‘…If You’re Scared of Fires and Stuff’

On second thought, I am not sure that looks as good as it tastes.

Instead, I decided to leave it on the small back burner set on the lowest heat setting overnight (you could do the same with a slow cooker if you’re scared of fires and stuff).

via Vegan: Coconut Lentil Soup with Cilantro-Habañero Gremolata | Serious Eats.

I mean it is a joke, right, “if you’re scared of fires and stuff”? That’s funny, right? I suppose that is the kind of joke that people make on a blog, but I was not aware that there were people who were happily willing to leave their stove on all night. I do not know if that is an electric stove vs. gas stove thing, or just something stupid people do.

In any event, the recipe for this might turn you off because it has a “vegan” label on it. I do not know why it says that. It is vegan, of course, but so are a lot of things (apples, for one), and I do not know why we have to go around saying everything is vegan.

Mostly it is vegan because it has no butter in it. But that is neither here nor there. This is very delicious, very satisfying, strong notes of curry and hot pepper and cool cilantro. Very satisfying on a cold day, or any day.

I made it in a crockpot, and left it to cook for more than three hours. I came back, expecting to use an immersion blender. I did not need to. The amalgamation had a rich, thick consistency, almost like melted ice cream.